Client Case Study: Army & Air Force Canteen Service

Clear reporting of financial information is a key deliverable for any business. This information provides the tools for stakeholders, senior management and boards to make informed decisions and assist in achieving strategic business objectives.

Pilot Partners has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help businesses improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their finance systems and processes. This involves understanding the key drivers of any business and identifying financial and non-financial indicators that provide timely and accurate information regarding business operations. This data can assist organisational management and often supports tactical decisions to improve business performance.


Army & Air Force Canteen Service (AAFCANS) operates 35 retail hospitality outlets in Australia servicing communities in metropolitan regions and remote areas of Australia. Pilot’s Corporate Advisory team has worked with AAFCANS for four years, and was most recently engaged to undertake an independent third party review of its financial systems and processes. The goal was to ensure operational teams received appropriate financial information to monitor their progress and support decision making.

Business Solutions from Pilot

Pilot conducted a comprehensive review of AAFCANS’ financial systems, processes, and operational and accounting systems to identify areas of weakness.

Data was obtained from several primary sources. These included personnel interviews, a thorough examination of specific financial and operational information, as well as supplementary information to support and confirm how key processes operated.

The data extracted and subsequently analysed helped the Pilot team identify practical solutions for the organisation, with the information used to prepare a comprehensive report advising the board and management of the major findings and recommendations. Additionally this review identified training requirements for personnel to assist with the implementation process.

“The trust and respect we have established with AAFCANS has allowed us to have open and strategic conversations to take required actions and deliver relevant solutions to help AAFCANS manage and leverage key drivers in their business,” Chris King, Corporate Advisory Partner explained.


AAFCANS is a not-for-profit organisation. It has been a part of the Australian Defence Family for over 100 years and was established in 1915 under the Defence Act 1903. The organisation has operated in a support role to Defence providing amenities and convenience products and services for its troops, domestically and overseas.

AAFCANS has the responsibility to:

  • Provide Defence members with access to quality food, beverage and retail items and support base welfare;
  • Contribute to the Defence capability by enhancing personnel morale and well-being; and
  • Enhance the living conditions and social environment of members, their dependents and other persons employed in or in connection with Army and Air Force.

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