Client Case Study: Gildemeister LSG Solar Australia

As the world economy becomes more globalised, it’s more important than ever to have advisors who understand the complexities of running businesses in multiple jurisdictions. Pilot Partners has the expertise to help foreign companies navigate Australia’s taxation and accounting rules and the know-how to safeguard your overseas investment.


GILDEMEISTER LSG Solar Australia initially became a client of Pilot Partners when German GILDEMEISTER energy solutions and Austrian LSG Building Group were looking to meet the rising demand for renewable energy in Australia.

During the early stages Pilot was able to assist the company obtain a Queensland Building and Construction Commission (“QBCC”) licence and other registrations with regulatory bodies such as the Australian Taxation Office.

Managing that relationship was Josh Meggs, an Associate Director at Pilot, who assists foreign businesses establish operations in Australia.

“We understand that there are complex business requirements, processes and terminology in Australia which require navigation” said Josh.

“Partnering with Pilot means partnering with a team who understands the unique issues faced when crossing borders and running businesses in multiple jurisdictions”.

Business Solutions from Pilot

Since incorporation in Australia, GILDEMEISTER LSG Solar Australia has grown in size and complexity.  During this time, Pilot has performed the role of the Australian finance function for the company, ensuring that it met its various obligations.  Pilot has advised on numerous Australian taxation obligations including income taxes, Goods and Services Tax and multiple employment taxes together with Queensland Building and Construction Commission licencing requirements.

Pilot also has strong relationships with the company’s bank to ensure foreign exchange rates, guarantees and other banking matters are appropriately managed.

“We really enjoy our relationship with GILDEMEISTER LSG Solar Australia, providing them guidance whenever they have any questions relating to the Australian business. It’s great that we can provide foreign businesses with the same level of service and expertise that our local clients receive by being flexible with our business hours and through the use of technology, so we are always responding to questions in a timely manner”, said Josh.

Looking Ahead

There is currently a pipeline of solar energy projects totalling more than 500 megawatts under consideration across Australia, which could potentially produce enough energy to power around 200,000 Australian homes. This is significant in anyone’s language.

Pilot ensures that the financial functions of the GILDEMEISTER LSG Solar Australia business are taken care of so they can focus on producing these solar energy solutions for the people of Australia.


With headquarters in Brisbane Queensland, GILDEMEISTER LSG Solar Australia is a service provider in the field of renewable energy and can offer solutions from the design and development stages through to construction and operation.

To date, the group has finished a 20 megawatt solar farm near Chinchilla, Queensland and is currently undertaking a 35 megawatt solar park near Yarranlea, Queensland, southwest of Toowoomba.

GILDEMEISTER LSG Solar Australia’s qualified team of experts bring long-term experience in the field of photovoltaics construction, managing projects from development and design, to construction and operation.

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For more information on how Pilot can help your business set up or expand within Australia, contact Josh Meggs on or (07) 3023 1300.