Client Case Study: Prime 100

When formulating and evaluating business decisions that will influence the future direction of a company, there are a number of considerations and bases to cover to ensure informed decision making.

Pilot Partners has helped many directors and companies in different industries to prepare for the sale of their business, from negotiating the sale or purchase; helping with the due diligence; and managing the day-to-day deal operations to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction.

This process often requires the full attention of a dedicated team for the duration of the transaction, which can be difficult to manage from within existing company resources, given the team are already busy running the business.

In addition to potential resource constraints, the path to successfully negotiating the sale or acquisition of a business can often contain potential pitfalls. Avoiding these takes specialised skills and experience. This is where Pilot advisors have a wealth of knowledge to assist.


Prime100 are a high growth company in the pet food manufacturing industry.  Initially, Prime100 engaged Pilot partners to provide Advisory Board services to help guide the strategic direction of the company.

Subsequently, Prime100 was approached by a Private Equity firm to become new partners in the business, to supercharge their growth and expansion. Whilst the directors had previously participated in business sales, they recognised the value in having advisors acting in their interests throughout the process to ensure they could remain focused on the day-to-day running of a high growth business.

Business solutions from Pilot

Pilot initially assisted Prime100 by running Advisory Board meetings with the company directors to ensure they were focusing on the issues that mattered, to continue its growth trajectory. This helped the directors shift their mindset from the day-to-day operations and focus on the key decisions that would impact the future value of the business.

At one point in time, this meant consolidating manufacturing into one premises and state.

Upon the receipt of the offer for Prime100 to sell a portion of their business, Pilot stepped in to provide advice to the directors on their initial negotiations, assisted during the due diligence phase of the transaction, managed the day-to-day deal flow and ensured the directors where fully aware of how all parts of the ever-evolving transaction interplayed to ensure the transaction successfully completed.

“There are always challenges faced in transactions of this scope, but ensuring you have a highly experienced team such as Pilot surrounding you to help mitigate and overcome these challenges is critical” said Mike Pond, Director, Prime100.

Looking Ahead

Working with specialist business advisors such as Pilot has helped expedite the growth trajectory of the Prime100 business, with favourable outcomes for both Prime100 and their investment partners. Prime100 is now well positioned to take advantage of exciting prospects for future growth and further expansion.

About Prime100

Prime100 are an independent Australian owned and operated pet food manufacturer based in Victoria. Their products have been created in partnership with Australia’s leading veterinary experts to innovate animal nutrition.

Since opening their doors, Prime100 has been dedicated to spreading the benefits of a targeted, natural diet to animals across Australia. Their Animal Rescue Donations program has visibly demonstrated the positive effects of Prime100 and transformed the lives of many animals.

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