Client Case Study: Torres Strait Regional Authority

Public Sector entities often face a higher level of scrutiny and responsibility to deliver specific reporting to meet various statutory and policy requirements.

Pilot Partners has a wealth of Public Sector knowledge and expertise to support such entities in maintaining their accountability and transparency – to their Boards, various government departments and stakeholders – while ensuring legislative compliance and continuous progress and improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of their programs and systems.


Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) operates eight program areas throughout the Torres Strait region including Economic Development, Fisheries, Healthy Communities, Native Title, Culture Art and Heritage, Safe Communities, Environmental Management, and Government & Leadership.

The Pilot Corporate Advisory team has worked with TSRA for several years, most recently engaged to undertake a performance reporting review for TSRA to further improve reporting effectiveness.

Business Solutions from Pilot

With the Federal Government requiring higher standards of accountability, reporting and visibility across the Federal Government sector, TSRA engaged Pilot to help them meet these requirements.

Pilot conducted a review of TSRA Performance Reporting, including an analysis of current reporting measures. A series of deep dive workshops for each of the TSRA programs were facilitated by Pilot, with a total of 36 workshops across a period of 18 months to uncover and extract the relevant information to develop relevant and practical reporting tools. Utilising these inputs, Pilot prepared a comprehensive report to advise the board and management of key findings and recommendations.

“The trust and respect we have established with TSRA has allowed us to have thought-provoking, forward-looking conversations and to take the required actions and deliver the relevant reporting processes to help TSRA report on their performance,” Chris King, Corporate Advisory Partner explained.

Looking Ahead

The framework and key concepts will continue to assist the TSRA in outlining the impact it has in the Torres Strait region.  This includes the consideration of Key Performance Measures for inclusion in key strategic planning documents that are being formulated by the TSRA and Pilot assisting in the facilitation of Strategic Planning workshops being conducted by the TSRA.

About TSRA

The Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) is an Australian Government Statutory Authority established on July 1, 1994 under the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Act 1989, which is today known as the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Act 2005.

The TSRA has the responsibility to:

  • Formulate, coordinate and implement programs for Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal people living within the region;
  • Monitor the effectiveness of these programs, including programs conducted by other bodies;
  • Advise the Minister for Indigenous Affairs on matters relating to Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal Affairs in the Torres Strait;
  • Recognise and maintain the special and unique Ailan Kastom of the Torres Strait Islander people living in the Torres Strait Region; and
  • Undertake activities necessary to perform its function as defined by the ATSI Act 2005.

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