How to Prove your Earnings Without Having Lodged Tax Returns

There are a number of situations in which individuals are required to prove their earnings, such as when requesting to receive government assistance or for compensation claims. This is usually easily done by providing lodged income tax returns, which detail the income for that person and their relevant related parties.

However the problem that some people face is that they haven’t filed a tax return in years, and are unsure of what to do next. There are a few options available at that point, such as gathering other evidence to prove earnings. Or perhaps it is time to clear up outstanding lodgements – it might not be as scary as you think!

Ramona McGregor from Pilot’s tax team, and Helen Driscoll and Ashley Tulley from McInnes Wilson Lawyers, discuss how to prove your earnings without having lodged income tax returns. A handy checklist is also available to help you navigate those next steps.