Jane Leeuwendal

“Throughout my career I have gained extensive experience in Forensic Accounting, Business Restructuring, and Performance and Recovery.”

Jane has more than 25 years of experience as a Chartered Accountant. During that time she has gained valuable experience in Forensic Accounting including the provision of expert reports, valuations, damages and loss claims and fraud investigations.

Jane’s extensive experience in business restructuring, and performance and recovery, enables her to provide a practical support to businesses with financial, operational and strategic concerns.

Simon Barry

“I help clients find practical solutions and achieve the best results during all stages of their financial journey.”

Simon’s key service area is superannuation advisory and self-managed superannuation administration, with a focus on estate planning and trusts. This allows him to advise on retirement planning and wealth protection strategies.

Simon also has extensive experience working with ownermanaged businesses across a broad range of industries. He regularly consults with them on their financial management and tax obligations, and assists with business restructuring as required.

Ramona McGregor

“I help clients achieve their goals through broader business strategies and complex taxation advice.”

Ramona is a tax specialist and enjoys problem-solving and helping clients navigate the complexities of Australian taxation. With her expertise and experience, Ramona can find solutions for any unusual scenario, and explain options and risks in a straightforward manner.

Ramona assists international businesses and individuals in transitioning into Australia and dealing with the intricacies that our international tax laws present. She has extensive experience in assisting both in- and out- bound clients in managing their cross-border taxation issues in Australia. In addition to her passion for tax advisory, Ramona also advises on broader business strategies, risk management, and future planning for various scenarios, such as growth, succession planning, retirement, or sale.

Ramona is the Vice President of the National Council of Women of QLD (NCWQ). Ramona received the NCWQ President’s award in 2021 for founding the NCWQ Empowerment series.

Kevin Duong

“I deliver holistic and practical  solutions by working closely with my clients to understand their business needs and personal goals.”

Kevin has 10 years’ experience in accounting and works with businesses of all sizes, across a range of industries. He provides a commercial and objective perspective for his clients to ensure they have clarity over their future cash flow needs, financial position and taxation obligations. He works alongside clients to implement effective internal systems and software to streamline business operations and mitigate business risks.

Kevin assists clients with establishing clear strategic objectives by considering business succession options and estate planning matters.

Cain Hammond

“I like to work closely with clients. The better I understand their business the more effective I am in helping them achieve their goals.”

Cain Hammond has more than 18 years accounting experience including international experience in New Zealand. He advises businesses on a full range of services; from initial business planning and structuring through to tax planning strategies, various tax incentives, budgeting and cash flow forecasting.

Cain provides assistance to clients to help them make effective business decisions and works with them to provide practical business solutions. He is an energetic member of  the Pilot leadership team and focuses on building strong  relationships with clients.


Adam Trew

By working closely with clients and understanding what drives their business, I am able to provide simple and effective solutions in a timely manner

Adam has experience in the preparation and analysis of financial accounts, preparation of income tax returns, tax planning, business systems implementation, and preparation of management accounts.

Adam focuses on building strong relationships with clients and offers a personable and commercial approach to solving their unique business challenges.